Consulting Expertise

  • Quantitative Model Development - Algorithmic
    Design, Project Management, Team Building and
  • Automated Trading Strategy Design - Option Market
    Making, Automated Execution Strategies, Statistical
    Arbitrage Trading
  • Derivative Trading Risk Management - Option
    Greek modeling, Asset Correlation, Risk/Trading
  • Enterprise Building / Strategic Direction - Building  
    Organizational Infrastructure, Compensation and
    Employee Incentives Management
  • Exchange/Regulator Relations - Exchange
    Operations, Understanding the Derivative Exchange
  • Human Resources - Financial Engineering Recruiting
    and Hiring


"Scott played the critical leadership role in recruiting,
developing, and managing financial engineering resources
over a period of many years. His exceptional combination of
technical, business, and people skills enabled him to steer his
team in building an industry-leading platform."

- Art Margulis, President of Cognitive Capital Management, LLC
Consulting Services